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Dear Del,

I was elected to be MCCPTA Delegate. They told me it was easy and just one meeting, not to worry. Got any advice for someone new to PTA?


Warm Body

Dear Warm Body,

Congratulations! You have been elected to THE most important position in PTA! The MCCPTA Delegate represents the voice of the membership! The meeting you refer to is called the Delegates’ Assembly and is held on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Valuable information is shared at this meeting and it is the awesome responsibility of the Delegate to take this information back to the local PTA. It is at the Delegates’ Assembly where positions on important school policies, budgets, and procedures are discussed and voted on. Each local PTA is allowed three votes at the Delegates’ Assembly --two Delegates and the President. If none of you are there, your local PTA forfeits its representation. There may also be a program at the Delegates' Assembly that is germane to the issues parents have raised, or related to upcoming items before the Board of Education. A Delegate’s Report should be included on the agenda at every meeting of every local PTA. The report would include a summary of the program at the last Delegates’ Assembly, as well as any information on resolutions or proposals brought before the Delegates for locals to consider and vote on. The Delegate will vote the local’s position on a resolution at the next Delegates’ Assembly. This is how the membership becomes the "voice" of MCCPTA! (Time sensitive items often require that the MCCPTA Board of Directors take the official position for the organization.) The work at the Delegates’ Assembly is how MCCPTA represents the greater good for all children. Good luck!

Del A. Gate,

MCCPTA, ret.

Dear Del,

I have been to a Delegates’ Assembly. Where do all those resolutions and positions come from! Does someone just sit around working on resolutions all day? Can anybody submit a resolution?


Change Maker

Dear Change maker,

Thanks for a chance to talk about empowering local PTAs! Resolutions are a result of a couple things. First, MCPS usually wants community comment on a variety of things, especially new or revised policies. The MCCPTA Board of Directors can appoint an ad hoc committee to review these policies and make recommendations. The MCCPTA Board of Directors would then vote on the committee’s recommendations (or resolutions), and bring that before the Delegates for approval.

A local PTA can bring a resolution to the greater membership through YOU - the Delegate. At a Delegates’ Assembly, you would ask to be added to the agenda and submit your motion or resolution. Depending on the issue, the Delegates might act at that meeting, but most likely, it would be deferred to the next meeting to give all the Delegates a chance to take the issue back to their locals for direction.

A local can also ask their cluster or area coordinator to bring an issue to the MCCPTA Board of Directors who could draft a resolution to bring before the Delegates.

A local or individual parent could contact a member of the MCCPTA Board of Directors on a concern and the matter could result in a resolution. Again, taken to the Delegates!

MCCPTA is a membership driven organization!

Del A. Gate,

MCCPTA, ret.

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