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Below is the sample disclaimer MCCPTA offered to local PTAs regarding use of their phone directories.  As you will see the language appears to be very restrictive.  It was written to be as tight as possible.  It was our intention to include community use for birthday invitations or playdates as an acceptable PTA purpose since the PTA supports and promotes community building at each local school.  Each local PTA is welcome to use the language or edit as they see fit.  

This directory and the information in it are the property of the Montgomery County Council of Parent Teacher Associations, Inc. [or another PTA organization, depending on the circumstance].  The directory is provided to you for use only in connection with PTA-sponsored activities and PTA-approved purposes.  The directory and the information in it may not be used for solicitations, advertising, mass mailings, or any other purposes unrelated to the mission, objects and policies of the PTA or by any organization other than the PTA.

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