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MCCPTA Grading and Reporting Implementing Team

2009-2010 Committee Reports and Information

ACTION: Elementary Online Achievement Reporting System Focus Group Summaries

This document dated January 4, 2010 summarizes feedback and recommendations gathered from MCPS focus groups on improving the implementation of the Elementary Online Achievement Reporting System within which Standards Based Report Cards are generated.


Final Exam Workgroup Recommendation re: AP/IB/CIE Student Exemptions from MCPS Final Exam

After receiving a formal opposition from the MCCPTA on the workgroup’s earlier recommendation, MCPS reconvened the Final Exam Workgroup on November 19, 2007. Workgroup members discussed parent, student, staff and teacher feedback at length and, in the end, renewed the previously recommended option and added language (in italics below). The language below is the revised recommendation recently sent to Dr. Frieda Lacey.

Recommendation: All students enrolled in AP/IB/CIE courses during semester B are exempt from the traditional two-hour final examination administered during final exam week, but will complete an end-of-course, culminating activity/assessment that counts as 25 percent of the semester grade (same as final examination). The culminating activity/assessment will be developed by school-based subject area teams and based on centrally developed guidelines.

MCPS Grading & Reporting Contacts by School

2008-2009 Committee Reports and Information

2007-2008 Committee Reports and Information

2006-2007 Committee Reports and Information

June 13, 2007:  Grading & Reporting Issues
Attached are memos sent by Dr. Lacey on June 7, 2007 to Elementary and Secondary Principals regarding Grading and Reporting matters. Both memos provide the local schools with a procedure to be followed for Answering Grading and Reporting Questions from Parents in the event that a G/R disagreement ensues between parent/student and teacher. The memo to Secondary Principals also addresses Procedures for Summer Packets/Assignments and Procedures for Academic Dishonesty.

The Grading and Reporting Committee’s input is being sought on discussion of the following issues. More issues may be discussed as input is provided over the MCCPTAGradingAndReporting listserv:

1. Whether parents should be permitted direct contact with the resource teacher, local school staff or school administrator to discuss a dispute under Procedures for Answering Grading and Reporting Question from Parents in Grades 1-12. As these Procedures are worded, if a parent speaks with the resource teacher or school administrator, he or she could be told that the Procedure was not followed.
2. Whether the Procedures for Secondary Summer Packets/Assignments should require that those assignments be posted on school websites as a summer-time support for students in the event that the assignment(s) is lost.
3. Whether Procedures for Addressing Academic Dishonesty really outlines procedures for teachers to follow in the event of academic dishonesty. The document lists Purpose, Rationale and Expectations sections, but does not contain a Procedure section.

On an informational note, Erick Lang was appointed as the new Associate Superintendent yesterday to replace recently promoted Jody Leleck. On MCPS’ proposal change the method of calculation final grades in secondary schools, Betsy Brown indicates that she will collect feedback from both principals/teacher and parent groups and that this recommendation cannot be presented to either Erick Lang or Dr. Lacey until that process has been concluded and that there is a clear signal that this is something that most believe is desirable.

Beth Kennington, Chair, Grading & Reporting Committee

  • Memo from Dr. Frieda K. Lacey to Secondary School Principals on procedures relating to grading and reporting questions, summer packets, and academic dishonesty.
  • Memo from Dir Frieda K. Lacey to Elementary School Principals on grading and reporting.
  • MCPS Form 270-8, Complaint from the Public form

To join the Grading & Reporting Committee and offer input on these matters, please provide your name, PTA/PTSA position and school affiliation in an e-mail addressed to

May 2007MCPS' Proposal to Alter the Method for Calculating Final Exam Grades in Secondary Classes
April 2007Grading and Reporting Update

March 27, 2007Draft Resolution on Computation of Secondary Final Grades as presented to MCCPTA Delegates on March 27, 2007 by Grading and Reporting Committee. Attachments for explanation:

March 2007Information on Committee Meeting on March 19, 2007
February 14, 2007Grading and Reporting Update
October 10, 2006: Standards-Based Grading and Reporting System information outlined by MCPS
September 2006Grading and Reporting Update
August 2, 2006: Grading and Reporting Update

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