Resolution of the MCCPTA Delegates on Grading/Reporting

February 22, 2005


Whereas MCCPTA has been actively monitoring the development of MCPS
proposed grade 1 and 2 report card for implementation beginning in the
2005-06 school year; and

Whereas MCCPTA has supported MCPS in scheduling numerous meetings to
allow parents to familiarize themselves with the draft of the new report

Whereas MCCPTA is concerned that the changes being proposed in the new
report card will not effectively communicate with parents and students,
particularly with respect to ESOL, special needs and gifted/talented
students; and

Whereas decisions being made regarding the grade 1 and 2 report card
will have broad implications for the entire grading and reporting roll
out including, for example, determining such concepts as mastery and
deciding the cut off for proficiency; and

Whereas such decisions must be identified in advance of any further
development of the report card and shared with the community to insure a
smoother transition to the new report card and eventual roll out for all
grades; and

Whereas MCPS is now specifically asking stakeholder communities to
consider various options for implementation of the Grade 1 and 2 report
card which include options to delay implementation of the new report
card; be it now therefore

RESOLVED that MCCPTA requests that MCPS delay implementation of the new
grade 1 and 2 report card until such time as MCPS can effectively
address the several important and fundamental issues implicated by the
grading and reporting policy which are still unresolved such as what
constitutes mastery and the fundamental issues facing grades 6-12 such
as appropriate grading scales, reteaching-reassessing protocol, homework
for a grade; and be it further

RESOLVED that MCCPTA urges that these issues must ALL be addressed
before we would support the piloting or implementation of a new Grade 1
and 2 report card; and be it further

RESOLVED that the MCCPTA delegates endorse the February 14, 2005 letter
submitted by the MCCPTA Grading and Reporting Committee.