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The MCCPTA Directory, aka Blue Book is a comprehensive list that includes the names and telephone numbers of the MCCPTA Board of Directors -- elected officers, cluster coordinators, area coordinators, and committee chairs. The Area and Cluster coordinators are the liaison for local PTAs to MCCPTA and MCPS and are available to help locals with problematic situations. Committee chairs are an excellent source for planning programs. Any member of the MCCPTA Board of Directors can be contacted with questions and concerns relating to PTA or MCPS.

The MCCPTA and Maryland State PTA webpages have organizational information and links to other helpful resources for parents and PTA leaders.

Community Superintendents: MCPS has divided the county into "quad-cluster" groups with a community superintendent assigned as a supervisor to each quad cluster. The community superintendents report to the Chief School Performance Officer, Steve Bedford. School administrators are accountable to the community superintendents. When normal problem-solving channels at the local school level have been unsuccessful, parents may contact the community superintendent. The Community Superintendents may be reached through the Office of School Performance, 301-315-7377.

MCCPTA Office:   301-208-0111

Maryland PTA:  410-760-6221

MCPS Transportation:  301-840-8130

MCPS Information :  301-309-6277

MCPS Emergency Information :  301-279-3673

Inquiries and Complaints:

Public Participation

Each regular business meeting of the Board of Education includes a public comments period in which any citizen, group representative, parent, or student may make a statement regarding an item on a past, present or future Board agenda, or a matter of general policy over which the Board has jurisdiction. Individuals may sign up to address the Board by calling (301) 279-3617 the Monday morning before the meeting.
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Individuals and groups may send written comments to the Board at:  850 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20850. Correspondence sent to the Board president will be copied to all Board members.

The Board and superintendent also seek community recommendations and views in public hearings and forums on specific issues, such as budget proposals and drafts of new policies. Announcements of opportunities for public input are made through the local media, the MCPS cable television channels, and letters to community organizations and leaders.

E-mail Correspondence: All e-mail communications to Board of Education members should be addressed to

Safe Schools Hotline is 301-517-5995. Aware of a problem? DO something! Completely confidential--no Caller ID used.

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