Thursday, June 1, 2006 at the Carver Educational Services Center



Officers: Jane de Winter, April Keyes, Juan Johnson, Liz Wheeler, Sharon St.Pierre, Kay Romero, Cassandra Abdelmeguid, Victor Salazar

Area Vice Presidents and Cluster Coordinators: Ted Willard, Phil Kaufman, Steve Crowley, Pam Moomau, Liza Durant, Susan Joyce Thomas, Ellen Paul, Carroll Lovelace, Karen Smith

Committee Chairs: Diane McHale, Patti Twigg, Vicki Rafel, Meredith Walters, Marney Jacobs, Suzanne Weiss


Call to Order: MCCPTA President Jane deWinter called the meeting to order at 7:42 PM.

Agenda: No new business was added to the agenda. The treasurer’s and vice president for administration’s reports will be done as they arrive, not in the sequence listed on the agenda.

Meeting Minutes: The May 4, 2006 Board of Directors meeting minutes were distributed. One correction, Ted Willard should be listed as an officer under attendance, was made.  The minutes stand approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report:

The treasurer did not distribute a treasurer’s report since there were no changes in financial statements since last Tuesday’s delegate assembly. He is waiting on all of the expenses from the presidents and principals dinner.

Juan Johnson made a motion to contract with the same company to do our audit. It was seconded. It passed by a show of hands (following the amendment vote).

Discussion on this motion included: estimated cost of less than $2,000; treasurer’s preference for continuing with the same company for one more year; changing companies annually; and six proposals sent out for last audit (of 3 returned other two significantly higher in cost).

Ted Willard made an amendment to the motion that Juan Johnson be authorized to enter into a contract for an audit of the 2005-2006 fiscal year provided that it not cost more than $2,000 and once MCCPTA has received the final audits for the 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 fiscal years. It was seconded. It passed by a show of hands.

The treasurer will file an original copy of the audit in the MCCPTA office and send out an announcement that a hard copy can be obtained on request. Copies will be brought to the August Board of Directors meeting.



The President reported on her appearance on “Week in Review.” She and the immediate past president attended an interview with an MCPS workgroup on "customer service" which is being assisted by MCBRE. She will be meeting with the Mental Health Association. The MCCPTA office will be moving to an office building on Gaither Road beginning the week of July 3. Steve Bedford is now the community superintendent for Clarksburg, Magruder, Gaithersburg and Watkins Mill. Susan Marks is now the Associate Superintendent of the Office of Human Resources. Committee work plans are due by August 3, but new committee chairs can request an extension if necessary. 

Recording Secretary – Board of Directors: Following action taken by the Executive Committee on May 30, 2006, the Recording Secretary for the Board of Directors will oversee the Cultural Arts Committee.

Recording Secretary – Delegate Assembly: Following action taken by the Executive Committee on May 30, 2006, the Recording Secretary for the Delegate Assembly will oversee the Website and Listserv Committees.  

Vice President – Legislation: The Vice President reported on the recent county council budget hearings and passing of the CIP and operating budgets. He spoke to the county council president regarding the two new positions for Board of Education oversight.  He discussed the MD PTA draft of the military recruiting resolution. The three part message of the draft is: 1. “opt in” instead of “opt out” 2. military recruiters should not be on campus recruiting and 3. student information is safeguarded. A recent letter to the list serv re: not being able to do “opt in” and only being able to use “opt out” was discussed and the Vice President will follow up on this. Publicizing options to parents was discussed since last year was the first year that “opt out” could be used, and many weren’t aware of it.  Draft language to be given to parents explaining options will be brought to the August Board of Directors meeting.  

Vice President – Educational Issues:

This Vice President has been participating in a work group focused on High School Assessments. Handouts distributed from Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) were, “Maryland High School Assessments & Your Child”, “Maryland Graduation Requirements” and “Division of Accountability and Assessment HSA, MSA, ALT-MSA HOSS, LOSS, Cut Scores and Proficiency Level Information”. The minimum combined score from 4 HSAs needed for graduation is 1602. The HSA algebra score from a middle school student counts towards the high school AYP. ESOL students who transfer having taken similar courses are exempt from the exam and are given the minimum score. HSA tests are on line at www.MarylandPublicSchools.org. Alternative (ALT-MSA) tests are given to severely disabled students.

HSAs are given three times a year (August, January and May) and it takes 10 weeks to get results. The graduating class of 2009 and beyond will be required to pass the HSAs for algebra, biology, English 10 and national, state and local government. Questions, such as how can the AYP be affected by the middle school student taking the HSA for high school level class when the student’s choice of high school isn’t known yet, and others should be sent to the Vice President, so they can be brought to the work group. HSAs will be reviewed by the state in 2008. MCPS is revamping the curriculum guide for SSL. Sixty hours are mandatory for graduation. Middle schools grant 10 hours per grade (6th grade English; 7th grade science and 8th grade social studies) for SSL. A Student Service Learning (SSL) committee has been suggested to help communicate requirements and guidelines better with parents. 

Sharon St. Pierre made a motion to add a SSL committee to MCCPTA. It was seconded and passed unanimously by a voice vote.

Vice President – Programs:

Following action taken by the Executive Committee on May 30, 2006, this Vice President will oversee the Special Events, Reflections, Cable TV and Spotlight Committees. Changes to the Spotlight were discussed including, using the website and posting on the Bulletin. The September Delegate Assembly will include MCCPTA introductions, how to do resolutions and a business meeting to work on resolutions on the table. In addition, selected committee chairs will have two minutes to speak about their committees. MCPS personnel won’t be introduced; rather a committee fair will follow the business meeting. The October Delegate Assembly will include a candidate forum for candidates for the Board of Education after the business meeting. Other programs may begin at 7 or 7:30 PM followed by a business meeting. The facility for the presidents and principals for next year is being researched. Feedback from the dinner included an estimated attendance of more than 450, a thank you to Sharon St. Pierre, positive comments on the emcee and the student comedy troupe, and negative comments on the attendees “deserting” the program for dessert. Suggestions included moving the awards to the end of the evening and holding dessert until the conclusion of the evening’s events. Please give a reminder to your local PTAs that their budgets for next year should take into account an anticipated rise in ticket prices to pay for a new dinner site.

Vice President – Administration:   

The six Area Vice Presidents have been contacted to set up dates for the summer quad cluster meetings with the Executive Committee. One date has been confirmed. Two new elementary school PTAs are Little Bennett and Great Seneca Creek. 



Portable Communications Devices Regulation:

The MCPS Regulation for Portable Communication Devices was distributed. The MCCPTA president has been asked to attend the Board of Education June 26 meeting to discuss changing the cell phone policy for middle school to be the same as it is for high school as requested by the student Board member. Currently MCCPTA only has anecdotal information and no position statement on cell phones.

Juan Johnson made a motion that the MCCPTA Board of Directors supports the middle school regulation being the same as the high school regulation. It was seconded. It passed as amended below.

Discussion included: middle school waivers; variations in enforcement by schools; camera phones; safety and communication.

Sharon St. Pierre made an amendment to the motion that the Board of Directors supports the middle school regulation being the same as the current high school regulation. It was seconded. It passed by a show of hands.

Discussion included: changes to regulations being brought back to the Board of Directors; guidance and counseling on cell phone use during school hours for staff including bus drivers.

Vicki Rafel made an amendment to the motion that the MCCPTA Board of Directors further is very much concerned about consistent enforcement, and believes that the regulation should be consistently and carefully enforced at the middle schools and high schools across the county. It was seconded. It passed unanimously by a show of hands.


Marney Jacobs made a motion that the MCCPTA Board of Directors would like MCPS to give guidance to staff on

appropriate use of cell phones while at work.  It was seconded and passed unanimously by a show of hands.


Ted Willard made a motion to divide the MCCPTA Board of Directors positions on portable communication devices into three parts (original motion as first amended; additional amendment; staff use). It was seconded and passed by a show of hands.

Central Area High School:

The Gaithersburg Cluster Coordinator is on the site selection committee for the new central area high school. The site selection committee will meet on June 7. Three locations are being considered:

Game Preserve Road, Crown Farm and the Johns Hopkins property at Key West Avenue. He will keep us informed.

Delegates Listserv and newspaper articles:

Discussion concluded that a voluntary compilation of newspaper articles of interest be created for the delegates listserv.

Update on media resolutions:

A letter was sent to Dr. Weast including the Richard Montgomery High School resolution and Ted Willard’s resolution. Jody Leleck will have summer meetings on this issue. Ted Willard is on the work group for the media regulations and will inform us when Dr. Lacey will be making her report.

Update on status of Hands on Science:

The MCCPTA-EPI President distributed the letter dated June 1 that will be sent to PTA presidents by pony (tomorrow or Monday) regarding Hands on Science (HOS). MCCPTA-EPI has severed its relationship with Hands On Science Outreach. MCCPTA-EPI is pursuing talks with Mad Science for after school science education. As a reminder PTA HOS coordinators do not have the authority to commit to HOS Outreach without the consent of the PTA.


Operating Budget:

The committee chair reported that the surveys are slowly arriving. Please remind locals to send them in.  


CIP cluster comments are due June 1. Please encourage clusters to submit them. Questions can be sent to the committee chairs. MCCPTA needs to maintain its statement about the modernization queue. 


Spring Training is Wednesday, June 7 at Rockville High School. Registration begins at 6:30 PM. Opening remarks from the MCCPTA President are at 7 PM followed by break out sessions from 7:45 to 9 PM. Sessions include all executive board officer positions, delegates, cluster coordinators, Reflections, newsletter editors and outreach. Cluster coordinators should encourage local PTAs to participate in MD PTA summer training July 15. Committee chair training will be held before the August Board of Directors Meeting.  

List Serv:

The committee chair distributed a draft of proposed election activity guidelines for listserves and a reprint of “Political Campaigns: What PTAs Can and Cannot Do” from the MD PTA Bulletin of September 1996. The guidelines were composed from IRS regulations for non-profits and National PTA rules. Discussion of the issue of posting this information to the MCCPTA website and distributing it to local PTAs included: clarification of recommendations versus edicts and guidelines; using topic sentences, headers and bullets to highlight the information; and formatting. The consensus was that Ted Willard, assisted by the chair, will rework the guidelines to incorporate concerns. This can be distributed at training. A link will be made to the website.

Gifted Child:

The committee chair said that the goal of building up the committee this year was met. Committee members recently visited Viers Mill Elementary School. The Deputy Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on the Gifted Child report will go to Dr. Weast and then to the Board of Education.

Grading and Reporting:

The Grading and Reporting Evaluation Advisory Committee noted that there is no room for teacher comments on the elementary report cards. The Grading and Reporting committee met last night. The committee report distributed at the last delegate assembly is a summation of their work. MCCPTA was given credit for the worksheet identifying aspects of final exams. Among these are the list of high school courses requiring a 25% final exam, and columns noting countywide, centrally and locally developed exams. Countywide exams are mandatory, centrally developed exams are developed by the content area specialists (with schools deciding whether or not to use them), and locally developed exams may be written by the school department or teacher.


MCPS policy is to review curriculum every five years. The math curriculum will begin a two year process of review in June 2007. Additional subjects will be reviewed one per year. The curriculum committee chair will let MCCPTA know when the curriculum advisory committees will meet for each content area. These advisory committees meet four times yearly.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM.