Thursday, September 1, 2005 at the Carver Educational Services Center


(The draft minutes have not been approved. The following motions and resolutions were passed at the Sept. meeting. Those in a larger font were presented at the Delegates’ Assembly Meeting on Sept. 28, 2005 for consideration.)


A motion for  us to observe a moment of silence on behalf of the victims of hurricane Katrina.


A motion that Juan Johnson present his budget at the Sept. Delegate Assembly.


A motion to support “Project Quality Time” by disseminating information about it by asking

PTA presidents, Area Vice Presidents and Cluster Coordinators to promote it.


A motion to approve the protocol sheet and distribute it at the first MCCPTA Delegate Assembly.


A motion was made  to include the addition of the procedure for bringing a resolution (standing rule already in place) on the back of the protocol sheet.


A motion on the FAA work group that reads:

The MCCPTA Executive Board resolves that a work group consisting of 6 AVP’s or representatives, the CIP Co-Chairs and two Executive Board Officers will participate with the MCPS Division of Long Range Planning in developing “long-range educational facilities planning regulations” to implement the FAA-RA policy. Through this process the work group will publicly identify those portions of the policy they believe should remain policy. This work group will develop specific regulatory language to address provisions relating to public participation and other MCCPTA concerns. This work group will hold meetings throughout the County to further engage and solicit input from parents, PTAs and the general public. The MCCPTA members of this work group will keep the MCCPTA Executive Board informed throughout the process, and make specific recommendations as to what changes the Board of Education should make when they review Policy FAA.

A motion to change the date of the next executive board meeting from Oct. 6 to Sept. 29.


A motion to allow our Cultural Arts committee to work with the Cultural Arts chair for Anne Arundel County to co-moderate the PTArts listserv.