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FILES - The files located in the MCCPTA office include information for the Executive Board Members and/or local PTA Officers. We also have reference files which are referred to as our library. Many different subject have been cataloged for you reference which may affect you particular PTA.

In addition, the Curriculum committee has added material to the library.

VIDEOTAPE LIBRARY - We have started a videotape library of some of our past meetings. Please feel free to contact the office to arrange a time to come and browse.

CORRESPONDENCE AND COMMITTEE MEETING INFORMATION - We ask that all Committee members and/or Executive Board members who produce correspondence on their own supply the MCCPTA office with at least one copy.

Also, if you have committee meeting please supply the MCCPTA office with one complete set of you agenda, handouts, etc. We do try to keep a file copy of your committee meetings for future reference.

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