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MCCPTA Student Service Learning Subcommittee

MCCPTA Student Service Learning (SSL) Subcommittee

Debra Lang , Chair, email Debra

One of the primary goals of MCCPTA's SSL Sub-Committee is to help make information on SSL more accessible to students and parents. As a first step, PTSAs will be encouraged to designate SSL liaisons, parents who will partner with their school based SSL coordinator to increase the amount of SSL related information (on the requirement, opportunities to fulfill it, including which programs, for example the National Honor Society, have an SSL requirement, and documentation procedures) going out to their school communities via PTSA meetings and newsletters, school listservs and websites, etc. The SSL liaisons can serve as a resource to both the school coordinator and to students and parents, helping to create school-wide SSL activities, publicize specific SSL accomplishments, and highlight recognition opportunities. The MCPS website has a wealth of information:


MCCPTA SSL Sub-Committee Reports / Workplan





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